Ellipter's Most Important Features

Ellipter is a powerful yet easy to use 100% managed .NET library for licensing applications using user friendly and secure license keys based on asymmetric elliptic curves encryption.

Strong Encryption

Ellipter uses an asymmetric elliptic curves encryption algorithm to create and verify license keys which makes it impossible for a cracker to create any keygens by reverse-engineering your code or even having full access to it.

Compact Product Keys

Product keys generated by Ellipter are as short as possible: 29 characters length when no product info is embedded.

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ID Based License Keys

Each generated license key contains an ID which guarantees license key uniqueness and allows secure identifying of license keys.

    //get the id of a given serial.
    SerialsManager manager = new SerialsManager();
    manager.PublicKey = "WTCCV77CW4B ... S6DJEPS2N7F92E";
    long id = manager.GetID(serial);

Embedded Product Info

Additional product information can be embedded into license keys when they are generated which can be then used for specific software features.

    //create a serial with embedded product info
    long id = 1;
    string info = "ELL1";
    string serial = manager.CreateSerial(id, info);

    //extract the product info from a serial
    string info = manager.GetInfo(serial);

Time-Limited License Keys Creation

Time-limited keys can be created and used for software with specific licensing needs like subscriptions.

    //create a serial with embedded expiration date
    DateTime expDate = new DateTime(2013, 01, 01);
    string serial = manager.CreateSerial(id, expDate, info);

    //extract the expiration date from a serial
    DateTime expDate = manager.GetDate(serial);

License Keys Black-Listing

Any license key can be blacklisted, which means it won't be accepted by Ellipter even if it is valid.

Just 3 Lines of Code to Create a Time Limited or Uses Limited Trial Application

Ellipter contains two classes TimeBomb and UsageBomb that provide functionality for time limited and respectively usage limited trials and demos.

    TimeBomb bomb = new TimeBomb(15, new Guid("{34B23D72-B135-4615-B253-3813B6A1FD71}"));
      //show an expiration message here 

User Interface

Ellipter has a full featured User Interface with Public/Private keys pair Generator, Serials Generator, Serials Validator and Checksum Calculator.

Royalty Free

Ellipter is licensed per developer. You can build as many applications as you want and distribute them without paying any further royalties.

Easy to Use

Ellipter's most important feature is it's simplicity of use and it is just outstanding: most of the times you need to write just 3 lines of code to have the work done.

Examples and Documentaton

Ellipter comes with C# and Visual Basic examples of its major features and with full offline and online documentation.

.NET 1.1 - 4.5 and Linux/Mono 2.0+ support

Ellipter runs on any version of .NET Framework, and on Mono 2.0 or higher (with some limitations because of WMI).

Hardware ID reading

Read hardware IDs for computer components or combination of components for machine identification and computer specific registration keys creation with MachineInfoReader.

Checksum Calculator

Use Crc16 or Crc32 to easily calculate CRC checksums for any string.

What Now?

Ellipter UI

Provides an easy to use UI to create and verify serials.
Ellipter UI Screenshot

Short Serials

Serials are as short as 29 chars, when no additional info is embedded.
29 chars