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Ellipter 2.2.2

v2.2.2 adds a .config file for the UI that will tell Windows to run it on .NET 4.5 or newer (previously it was running on v2.0).

Download the setup file on Ellipter's download page.

Ellipter 2.2.1

v2.2.1 adds a new UI tool for machine code generation, located in Menu>Tools>Machine ID Calculator. This calculator is 100% compatible with the MachineInfoReader class.
Also we've done a few little performance improvements here and there.

Find the new setup files on Ellipter's download page.

Ellipter 2.1.1

Today we are replacing the old SeriousBit.Ellipter.Pure.dll with a Portable Class Library called SeriousBit.Ellipter.Pcl.dll, which means Ellipter now fully and officially supports a lot of new environments, from Windows Phone, to Silverlight, to Mono and Unity3D.
Also we digitally signed all Ellipter's executables and libraries with our Microsoft Authenticode certificate, including the setup file, thus increasing a little bit its security.
UPDATE 06 Jan 2014: We just fixed a bug preventing some developer keys to be properly recognized, please re-download the setup or binaries.

Find the new setup files on Ellipter's download page.

Ellipter 2.0.0

The first new release in the last 5 years adds a lot of new features and enhacements.

Ellipter 1.8.4

  • Changed the trial key verification mechanism
  • Done a whole new re-design of the website

Ellipter 1.8.3

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