Class Description
Public class ChecksumCalculator Calculates cyclic redundancy check codes
Public class MachineInfoException Represents errors that occur during Machine ID info calculation.
Public class MachineInfoReader Reads and calculates hardware and software info for computer identification. This is a static class (Module in Visual Basic)static classModule and so cannot be inherited or instantiated.
Public class SerialCreatedEventArgs Occurs when a serial is generated
Public class SerialException Represents errors that occur during serial keys creation or verification.
Public class SerialsManager Creates and verifies serials based on asymmetric elliptic curves cryptography
Public class TimeBomb Provides functionality for time limited trial application
Public class UsageBomb Provides functionality for uses count limited trial application


Delegate Description
Public delegate SerialCreatedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle a SerialCreated event


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BombState Describes TimeBomb object's state
Public enumeration MachineInfo Specifies constants that define hardware and software identification info types.