Powerful yet Simple and Easy to Use

Using a new and strong security technology we provide software developers and publishers with an unprecedented level of protection.

With Ellipter you can:

  • Protect your .NET and Linux/Mono based applications and components
  • Programmatically create and verify secure product keys
  • Easily verify any key with Ellipter's UI
  • Embed any information into a product key
  • Create time-limited keys.

For a full list of supported features follow visit Ellipter's Features page.

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Compact Product Keys

Product keys are as short as possible: 29 characters length when no product info is embedded.

Click for example

Create or verify secure product keys in just 3 lines of code!

//more examples here.
SerialsManager manager = new SerialsManager();
manager.PublicKey = "WTCCV77CW4B ... S6DJEPS2N7F92E";
bool isSerialValid = manager.IsValid(serial);

Ellipter is Self-Protected and Trusted by Developers

Ellipter is self-protected, which means we fully trust our licensing system.
And even more - all our end-user .NET products on SeriousBit.com are protected with Ellipter.
And not only us - hundreds of companies and individual developers around world are using Ellipter as their licensing system.

Modern and Strong Encryption

Ellipter uses an asymmetric elliptic curves encryption algorithm to create and verify license keys which makes it impossible for a cracker to create any keygens by reverse-engineering your code or even having full access to the source code.

Everything You Need

Ellipter works with Windows Forms and WPF applications, ASP.NET applications, web services, Windows services, components and class libraries, supports all .NET 1.1 - 4.5 versions.

What Now?

Ellipter UI

Provides an easy to use UI to create and verify serials.
Ellipter UI Screenshot

Short Serials

Serials are as short as 29 chars, when no additional info is embedded.
29 chars